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Geodesic Aluminum
Dome Roof

Dome roof of world bridge industrial works as the roof which completely prevent rainwater from going into and minimize the evaporation of product. In addition, WB’s advanced sealing technology provide ADR for pressurized tank

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Internal Floating Roof

World Bridge Industrial provides advanced design Internal Floating Roof designed with 20-years technical know-how and a variety of materials for product compatibility, all internal floating roofs are customized for each storage tank. We believe the quality of World Bridge Industrial IFR will return the best value of the cost to customers.

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External Floating Roof Seal & Drain System


World Bridge Industrial offers the best product for External floating roof tan such as roof seal and drain system. To satisfy client’s needs, we provide various type of roof seal which has best sealing efficiency and durability. Also, we offer world patented 3+1 type, auto–aligning flexible joint drain system.

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