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Railway Business(R-Bar)

- Railway Business(R-Bar)

Rigid Overhead Conductor Rail System (ROCS) for narrow tunnels, high reliability and for special applications

Practical Experience Since 1984, now for up to 250km/h


Fault-free experience has been acquired since 1984. Over one hundred thirty tunnels, one hundred twenty depots, a dozen bridges and numerous special applications have been realized throughout the world, and on some stretches trains travel at speeds of up to 250 km/h. During test runs the speed of 302 km/h was reached.

World Bridge Industrial and F+F have maintained over 30 years a good relationship based on a exclusive agent agreement in South Korea. During this period of time Worldbridge Industrial has gathered knowledge of R-Bar system and experiences for producing certain parts of R-Bar in South Korea. Further on World Bridge and F+F have participated in many projects as for example 'Gwachoen Line(1991), 'Bundang Line(1993)', ‘ Honam School – Mokpo(2004)‘, ‘Bundang line extension (2010)‘, ‘ Jukjeon-Suwon of  Bundang line (2011)‘ & ‘ new catenary construction of Gyeongeui line Yongsan-Gajwa(2012) ‘, Bujeon-Masan Double Line(2019).

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